Here is a unique way to highlight a garden harvest….centerpiece style.
veggie bouquet
Front view. For veggies/herbs, I used Kale, Asparagus, Potatoes, Lemon Geranium, Fig Leaves, Mushrooms, Okra, and a Sweet Pepper. For flowers I used Safflower pods, orange Lilies, lime-green Mums, one Safari Sunset and one purple Tulip (which were all I had in the house).

back of veggie bouquet
Back view. I made this arrangement to rest on a corner table in the house…so you really wouldn’t see the back, but it’s good practice to fill in all bare spots. And you never know, it might find it’s way as a centerpiece if an impromptu dinner party happens around here this weekend.  So I filled in with lilies and mums.


Top view.  Really helps see the nesting of the items.

final veggie bouquet

Here it is outside on my rustic gathering table.


And here it is on the umbrella table.  Yep…looks like I need to a have a garden/dinner party soon.

This was really fun mixing veggies and flowers together.  The veggies provided such a nice variety of textures and colors, and the herbs smelled great.  I added the flowers to make it look more like a floral arrangement rather than just a veggie harvest. So here’s to celebrating summer’s bounty. Cheers!