Let’s get inspired to make beautiful Easter Eggs together this year.  Here are three ideas filled with Flower Power!

Botanical Eggs

Fun! Fun! Fun! These are made using small leaves, grasses and flowers you can collect from your yard.
Start by collecting a few botanical specimens. Attach one to each egg, wrap the egg in a nylon and place in dye bath. Remove nylon and leaf when finished.


Naturally dyed Eggs

Looking for a more natural way to dye your eggs?  No problem. You can create all-natural dye recipes made from household ingredients to create Easter eggs in beautifully subdued shades.

Look at these beauties posted by Dreamy Whites

Red Cabbage, Boiling Water, & Vinegar ~ Robin’s Egg Blue
Blueberries & Water ~ Bluish-Gray Eggs
Tumeric, Boiling Water, and Vinegar~ Mustard Yellow Eggs
Brewed Coffee ~ Golden Brown Eggs
Beets, Boiling Water, & Vinegar ~ Pale Pink Eggs
These lavender colored speckled eggs were a product of mixing grape juice and vinegar together, and left overnight.

So may the power of flowers bring inspiration to your easter eggs this year! Enjoy!