Last weekend I painted a dresser. Just an little old antique dresser that I’ve thought about selling a few times, but I got the bug to do some decoratin’….so started with color. I fished around in the shed and found a whole can of milkpail blue latex paint. Score! A few coats later…must say…kinda love it. Sort of looks old Hollywood. Schmancy! Love how it looks with hot pink flowers too.

new blue dresser


Here it is before.  I had stained it dark a few years back.  It was perfect in my small daughter’s room because it was low…just her size.  But as she got older, she requested a more modern looking room, so I moved it outside into the screened porch.  Thinking it was going to leave us and go live with another family…until I found that blue paint.

Now I wish the story could end right there with a nice little happy ending…but no such luck. I had a paintbrush full of blue Hollywood paint in hand and a wide open Saturday so I took it upstairs and painted a second dresser. Same blue. Hum. Don’t really like it. Doesn’t look schmancy at all. Looks like an old hand me down dresser that someone painted blue with leftovers from their garage. Should have stuck with my gut. I knew that dresser should have been painted a glossy white to begin with but that dang bucket of blue paint was in my hand and I couldn’t help myself.

ugly blue dresser

Sooo…I moved it out to the screened porch and repainted it a fresh glossy white.  Yes.  That is just what the furniture doctor ordered.

white dresser

white dresser

Oh…and I painted this one also.  Sadly, I forgot to take a before shot.  It was also out in the screened porch waiting for deportation and so I just sort of started painting without thinking about it.  I changed out the hardware too.  Had a bronze colonial looking handle.  Anyway, ended up loving the color so much that I moved it back in the house.  Don’t really have the “perfect” place for it yet so it resides in the guest room for now.

blue consule table

So what’s next?  Well painting all this furniture is going to require a house-rearrange because now I have more pieces than I know what to do with….and all because I found that can of blue paint.  Next time I might just try and work with blue flowers and see if it gives me my fix.

Enjoy your week.