Look at this beautiful arrangement. Does it look like something you picked up at the grocery store? Probably not. But it was made all from items purchased from the grocery store…and it even cost less than $25.00!  Class Sign-Up.

In my 30 minute class, you will learn how to turn drab grocery store flowers into lush garden arrangements…without breaking the bank. The use of color, flower shapes, floral placement and containers will be presented. You will also be introduced on how to use a variety of grocery store produce to enhance your arrangements, and be given a basic flower recipe.

The class is set-up into seven short videos. The first video is a powerpoint presentation that covers the overall concepts used to create this lush arrangement. The remaining videos give you a demonstration for each step needed to build this bountiful arrangement.

You can preview the class in the video below

This class is perfect for anyone who loves flowers. No prior knowledge or experience required!  By the end, you’ll have everything you need to create your own lush, bountiful arrangement.  Let’s make something beautiful together!

And here are some additional floral tips and tricks

Dresser Embellishments

Just a few small flowers and/or embellishments on your dresser can bring renewed life to an old dresser.

I encourage you to take a look at your room, pinpoint a few of your favorite colors and purchase flowers in those colors. Then display them on your dresser and enjoy EVERYTHING about them for the week.

Fresh flowers bring us into the present moment.  They make you STOP and take a moment to appreciate all that is beautiful right before your very eyes.

Coffee Table Styling

Coffee table decorating with what you have is inexpensive, easy and exciting.

Step One:  Start With a Tray

Step Two: Stack Up Books

Step 3: Vary the height

Step 4: Layer on the accessories

Step 5: Finish off with Fresh Flowers!

Flower Arrangements in 5 Steps

Make a simply delightful arrangements in five simple steps.  And learn how to turn a simple mason jar into a vintage looking milk-glass vase.

Basic Vase Arrangement Recipe

  • Vessel: a unique vase/jar
  • Mass: one mass flower
  • Line:   2-3 Line Flowers
  • Focal: 2-3 Focal flowers
  • Accent: 2-3 springs of herbs or veggies

Grocery Store Flower Power

A simple recipe to create lovely arrangement using grocery store flowers.  Learning about how to use four shapes of flowers is the key – Line , Filler, Focal and Bits

Pumpkin Balls

Pumpkin balls!  This simple, yet unique idea is perfect to add autumn flowers to your home.

To make them, you  will need approximately two bunches orange chrysanthemum flowers and one 4″ oasis wet oasis floral foam sphere.

Cut all the single flowers off the stems, leaving approximately 1″ stem on each floret.  Start at the center of the sphere and insert each floret into the floral foam. Place the flowers close together to get an even textured look.  Then just insert a branch or twig in the top.  And enjoy!

Veggies Can Be Inspirational

This beauty was inspired by the color of eggplant.

Here is my Recipe –
Purple Kale
Beet Leaves
Ornamental Kale

Chinese Eggplant

Burgandy Lilies
Pink Stock
Hot Pink Garden Roses

31 Days of Decorating With Flowers

The 31 Days of Decorating With Flowers is my blog series to look and appreciate all the little corners of a home and bring them to life with the power of flowers.

We will explore creative arrangements, styling inspiration and flower tips that you can incorporate into all your rooms….from bedroom dresser to the bathroom shelf.

It may be as simple as a single stem in your window sill to more elaborate designs on your dining table, let’s explore together.

Because Life is More Beautiful With Flowers