Is there a flower difference for men and women?

Though flowers have a traditionally feminine association, some events require a more masculine flower arrangement.

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Masculine arrangements tend towards stronger shapes and/or bolder colors.

Shimmery showstopper To create this oversize arrangement, bunch together silver tree branches (Leucadendron argenteum) with tightly coiled fern fronds and Brunia laevis sprigs with white berries. Finish with an African mask leaf (Alocasia x amazonica). Tip: Keep stem ends steady in a layer of sand. Design: Amoreena Herbage of Seattle's Midnight Blossom floral shop (

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Tropical inspired flowers and plants are good choices for a more masculine look.

Contemporary floral arrangements with strong clean lines and a more natural style, are also great for guys.

Modern Succulent Arrangement in Brown Wood by ArtsFloralDesign, $44.00:

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And of course you can’t go wrong with succulent gardens.


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