My People With Bouquet series is my little project to highlight the AWESOME people in my life with hand gathered flowers.  It’s a little reminder of all the beautiful in the world.  Part Three is here in Michigan…which is my original motherland.  And all the flowers came out of my mom’s garden.

Amazing Gals
Here are the most charming, most delightful and most magnificently awesome gals EVER. Beautiful girls with beautiful bouquets.





 My Amazing Parents
My mom is the real gardener of the family.   Originally from England…she has a true english garden right here in Michigan.  Needless to say,  it has always been a flower bonanza around here.  In fact, she used to put heirloom roses in our rooms growing up.  Can you imagaine?  And of course, we didn’t appreciated the beauty of it all until many moons later. Thanks mom.


And well…this is about the cutest and most awesome dad in the world!  This picture definitely captures his beautiful spirit. Thanks Dad.


I love working with  flowers because they keep me close to nature’s greatness and beauty.  And so when I combine flowers with such awesome peeps, I’m reminded that life is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
So go enjoy your people…and your flowers.!