consumer bunch bouquet

A simple recipe to make a bountiful bouquet is use four shapes of flowers: Line , Filler, Focal and Bits

1. Line flowers are tall and linear in shape. They help determine height and width the arrangement.

2. Filler flowers fill out the arrangement. This type of flowers usually grow in clusters on a single stem.

3. Focal flowers  (sometimes called Mass Fowers) give your eye a place to rest. They are naturally big flowers with a round shape on a single stem. They are usually placed near the center of designs

4. Bits are any tiny flower, berries, pods, etc which give movement and texture to the arrangement.

I purchased a consumer pack from my local grocery store.  3 bunches for $10.00.  I choose (from right to left) Stock flower for Lines, Alstromeria for Filler, and Gerber Daisy for Focal.  I also selected flowers in the same color scheme to keep it visually pleasing.   I had small flowers in my yard I could use as Bits.

First, I inserted some greens that I snipped from my yard and then inserted the Line Flowersthe Stock. The stems of the greens create underwater architecture which holds the flowers in place.

consumer bunch 1
Next I added the Filler Flowersthe Alstromeria to fill out the shape of the arrangement and give it mass.

consumber bunch 2

Next I added my Focal Flowers – the Gerber Daisies to attract attention.

consumer bunch 3

And finally to really finish it off, I added a few Bitsberries, safflower and mini sunflowers gathered from my yard.

consumer bunch bouquet

And here you have a beautiful bouquet made with grocery store flowers.  Now go give it a try and enjoy your masterpiece.