Honoring My People With a Crown!

It’s summertime in the mountains…and that means it’s time for My People With Bouquets series.  My People-Flowers Series combines my beautiful people with beautiful flowers. It’s designed to captures a glimpse of the bounty, beauty and love that swirls around us every day.

So rather than making bouquets this year, I choose to make a Flower Crown instead.  Crowns in Honor of My People! I like to use only hand gathered flowers as a reminder of the beauty that awaits us outside our front door.  So I collected a few floral goodies from Doc PJ’s yard and made a regal crown of florals.

May I present to you – One Flower-Power Crown modeled on four of my favorite peeps.

Doc Pj crown

cass crown


flower crowns

The crown base is made from an Aspen branch, and then the various wildflowers were woven into the branch. I needed one large focal beauty…and when I saw the vibrant oriental poppy shouting “pick me, pick me” I couldn’t resist.

After our fun little photo shoot…all the flowers went into a mason jar of water so we could enjoy their beauty all week and be reminded of our royal greatness.

May this post inspire you to take a moment to honor those special people in your life and look around at all that is beautiful in your life.  Gratitude = Love.