Flowers on the Worktable

When adding flowers to your worktable, think about interesting vessels to highlight the space.

Alert: Series eye candy to follow.  My beautiful friend and crazy talented photographer, Katherine O’Brien,  took these stunning photos of my worktable flowers. Enjoy!


A few lovely specimens!


Several of the work tables in the house are located near chalk boards. I love displaying lab equipment on these tables to bring a school-labish vibe into the space.


Using a lab stand with a few interesting beakers is all it takes to bring tons of interest and fun to a worktable.Lori_florallab043-(ZF-8285-00831-1-152)

Or inserting single blooms into a vintage test tube holder creates a wonderfully rich floral statement.Lori_florallab062-(ZF-8285-00831-1-168)

Or simply placing florals into a grouping of beakers of different sizes creates a fun display at the workstation.

So I encourage you to get creative…and bring some interesting vessels into to your worktables. Have fun!

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