Flowers On The Front Door

Welcome to our beautiful home” is what front door flowers say upon arrival.  So let’s look at options for adding some front door florals to your home.

front door

There are basically three types of flowers you can add to your front door

1. Fresh flowers
2. Dried flowers
3. Artificial flowers

Today’s we will explore Fresh Flowers on your door, and tomorrow we will look at Dried and Artificial

Fresh Flowers on Your Front Door

Fresh flowers on your front door are powerful….and a profound reminder of nature’s fleeting beauty.

To add fresh flowers to your door you will need either wet floral foam, hanging baskets or succulents.

Wet Floral Foam: With wet floral foam, you need to soak the foam holder and then insert the fresh flowers into the foam. The foam provides a water source for the flowers and allows you to create quite a show stopper on your front door.  How would you feel if you walked up to this door and was greeted by this fresh tulip wreath? Pretty amazing I would guess.

front door 2

Garden basket: With a garden basket, you can place potted flowers inside a woven basket that has a flat back.  And by choosing flowering plants that cascade over and down the basket, you can create a dramatic effect.

front door 3

Also, you can use a metal garden basket that holds water, allowing you to create a full fresh flower arrangement right on your front door.

front door 4

Succulent Wreath: With a Succulent Wreath, you can create a stunning live plant arrangement that will live for months on your front door.

front door 5

front door 6

Succulents are ideal for wreaths because they grow slowly

front door 7

If you would like to try and make a succulent wreath , PrudentBaby has a great step-by-step tutorial on how to make one for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Like that idea! Check it out here.

Tomorrow we will look at adding dried flowers to the front door, so stay tuned.

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