Decorating With Flowers: Color Options

Usually when I’m selecting flowers,  I gravitate towards jewel tone colors.  Love those hot pinks, rich purples and deep burgundy colors.  But over the years, it has become apparent that certain colors work much better in a space than others.  Whites and greens work almost anywhere, bright colors work best in white or neutral spaces, and use of complementary colors in a room can greatly enhance the subtle nuances of the room.

Let’s look at a few examples.

This beautiful asymmetrical arrangement of white pear branches and tulips is a lovely addition to this light gray room.  The yellow-white tulips compliment the walls, and therefore really stand out. The white florets on the pear branches add a lacy texture to the arrangement…plus white and green work just about anywhere.

Look at this lovely table filled with vases of coral colored roses. The rosettes certainly pick up the coral nuances of the room.  Nicely done.

Here we have a white room with a blue embellished chandelier.  You have lots of options here because just about any bright color will work in a white space.  But I like how the designer used yellow-creme orchids as contrast the blue in the room.  Contrasting colors help colors pop, thus you really notice both the florets as well as the light fixture.

Ahh…rich red and deep pink.  These colors are next to each other on the colorwheel, so they go together nicely.  Good use of a black vase to pick up the colors of the table as well.

White on white.  Clean and simple.  Can’t go wrong.

White room.  Hot pink flowers.  Looks delightful.

Here is another white space with a bright mix of flowers.  You can see how just adding a few bright blooms of color brings life and vibrancy to the space.

Blue. A powerful color… but there are not a lot of blue flowers out there.   So when you find them, enjoy them!

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