May my blog encourage you to elevate your daily life with the power of flowers (and sometimes with furniture too).

Fresh flowers can transform any space. To your home, to your work, and to your play…flowers bring a warmth and vibrancy that highlights the natural beauty and grace of daily living.

So come join the movement!


In my 30 minute class, you will learn how to turn drab grocery store flowers into lush garden arrangements…without breaking the bank.

The use of color, flower shapes, floral placement and containers will be presented. You will also be introduced on how to use a variety of grocery store produce to enhance your arrangements, and be given a basic flower recipe.

31 Days Series

The 31 Days of Decorating With Flowers is my blog series to look and appreciate all the little corners of a home and bring them to life with the power of flowers.

We will explore creative arrangements, styling inspiration and flower tips that you can incorporate into all your rooms….from bedroom dresser to the bathroom shelf.  It may be as simple as a single stem in your window sill to more elaborate designs on your dining table, let’s explore together.

Because Life is More Beautiful With Flowers

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