Look at this beauty for under $20.00 It’s a hand tied bouquet and then dropped in a vase to make a WOW statement.


I purchased Tulips, Delphiniums, Alstromeria and Lisianthus from my local grocery store.



  1. Start with your line flowers…which in this case is the Delphinium and hold gently in your hand.
  2. Next I added some greens and Alstromeria to begin building the arrangement out from the center.
  3. Twist bouquet around in your hand and continue to add flowers to create the shape
  4. Add additional flowers – Lisianthus and Tulips…holding in the same hand the whole time.
  5. Insert a few greens as a “collar” to the arrangement
  6. Drop into a vase.  Wa-lah…a hand tied delight for under $20.00