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Slow down and Smell the Roses!

This blog was created as a reminder for me…and for you….that our every day life is filled with many beautiful gifts, we just need to take the time to slow down and….smell the roses.  When we slow down, we can see the details. We can feel connected to our own body, our mind, with the people in our life and with the world around us.  Slowing down gives us a chance to take a moment to appreciate all the gifts in your life at this very moment.  A gentle reminder to: Be present. Be grateful. Be beautiful.  So when I read this post from Courtney Carver of Be More With Less, I just had to share it.  

Thank you Courtney for the great reminder about being mindful with how you spend your time and energy.

1. Write every day.

When you put what’s on your mind on paper, your thoughts become real and something to actually consider. Be honest even if you are afraid of the answers. Your mind can easily dismiss your dreams, but your eyes and heart cannot.

2. Capture beauty.
Learn to appreciate your surroundings and capture photos of what you think is truly beautiful to help you define the wild and precious in your life.

3. Make space.
Box up everything in your living room and put it in another room. Only bring things back into the room that contribute to your wild and precious life.

4. Make time.
Make an appointment in your calendar at least once a week that is time just for you. Use it to take a walk, read a book outside, or to visit a museum or art gallery. Make this weekly date sacred.

5. Make love.
Give your time and attention to someone or something you love. Engage, connect, and the love you give will come back in so many ways.

6. Express your gratitude.
You’ll never be happy with a new way of living if you can’t recognize what you love about your life right now. Look around you right now and identify 10 things you are grateful for. They are always right in front of you.

7. Let go.
If there are struggles standing in the way of your one wild and precious life, ask for help and see if there is a better way through. Make the heavy things light when you can, and give yourself permission to let go when it’s time. Consider that you may be holding on to things you think are holding you.

8. Change course.
There is nothing wrong with changing direction, or changing your mind, and charting a new course. Explore, be curious, and be open to something new.

You can read Courtney’s full post here.

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So I encourage you to slow down and smell the roses….and may life’s beauty appear before your very eyes.