Furniture Flower Power!

loveseat with slip

Many moons ago I bought this love seat at a thrift store in Denver. I always thought I would reupholster it, but after I reupholstered some chairs…I realized I would never have the patience to figure out how to do the tufted buttons. Sooooo I slipcovered it. I used one large tablecloth from Anthropologie and I used the matching napkins to recover the pillows.

love seat without slip

Now I do love the wood frame…but the fabric was too dingy for me to live with any longer. So now with the slipcover, it’s easy to clean.  Honestly it really wasn‘t that hard either….and this is coming from the girl who can only hem a curtain. I just wrapped the tablecloth on each section and then just cut and sewed together. My biggest worry was not having enough fabric/tablecloth. So I made sure to do the areas that show first. You can see below that I was short on fabric for the decking area…so I used some leftover muslin.

slip cover deck

And as for the pillows…well I don’t know how to sew in zippers, so I used some Velcro that I attached with fabric glue.

loveseat pillows

Is it perfect? No. But do I love it? Yes.

love seat in dining nook 2

And all these years later I still love the shape, the size and that floral pattern. We sit on it everyday. I have moved it around the house over the years. In the living room, in the sitting room, in the bedroom…but the place we have loved and used it the most is in the kitchen. Before we remodeled the kitchen I had it right IN the kitchen. It was a nice little place to sit for a cup of tea. And you know what? People often commented “I love how you have a couch in your kitchen.” Who knew it would be such a conversation piece!
Now that the kitchen remodel is done, it rests in the dining nook as part of the kitchen table seating. Must say…works perfectly there. I often sit there while doing work, having breakfast, chatting with hubby. And oh my goodness does my daughter loves that thing. She curls up on it almost every morning before school.

Lori in house

And well, this pic (which I recently found) captures a small glimpse of that couch before the slipcover and when it lived IN the kitchen (it’s way in background behind my hand and in front of the window).  I also like this pic because this was the early days of this house.  Before the addition, before the kitchen remodel…just me and my experimental color palette.  It’s
come a long way baby!  More of the transformation coming soon.  Until then…go enjoy  your tablecloths!!! And put a couch in your kitchen!