The Scent-sational Series is dedicated to my lifelong friend Jody Cantor.  Jody lost her sight and remains physical and mentally challenged due to brain damage from a cardiac arrest last year. So I have begun creating floral packages rich in scent for her to enjoy.

This one is a simple recipe of stock flower and dandelion leaves. This bouquet was inspired by a childhood memory of the two of us finding magic in the simple act of blowing dandelion seeds and then chasing them wildly.  The scent of the dandelion greens (which smells like freshly mowed grass) mixed with the clove-like smell of stock flower created a wonderful scent of a summertime breeze.

To ship I wrapped the stems in wet paper towels and secured with a plastic bag. I wrapped the bouquet in paper, boxed it up , slipped in an ice pack to keep florals cool and shipped.  Enjoy my dear friend – may this spicy earthy aroma take you back to a time of magic and giggles.



I also made home-made rose water for Jody.  You can read all about that here.