Flowers For Sympathy –

Throughout history, flowers have been used to symbolize every aspect of the life cycle, from birth through death.   Flowers symbolize how the beauty of creation is temporary.

Flowers also have a particular aesthetic value in the face of death, for the beauty of the flower helps balance our emotional response to the deep sadness of death.


The colors of flowers can have specific symbolism, particularly in religious thought. For example, purple is a symbol of penitence and royalty, white is the symbol of joyous celebration and shining light, and green symbolizes nature and the freshness of growth. Flowers also have a spiritual significance. They are symbolic not only of love and sympathy, but also of eternity and immortality. The fleeting life of flowers attests to the transitory life of man.

dandelions from the begining to senility


Therefore, this post is dedicated to my lifelong friend Jody Cantor, who passed away last week.  In honor of her spirit, I packed up a bouquet of dandelions and hiked to the top of Bear Creek Falls to release the flowers out and into nature’s greatness.

I chose dandelions because it was the flower we played with as children. Growing up in Michigan, there were fields of them everywhere.   We loved to chase after the dandy seeds.  Jody called the flying seeds “ghosts.”  “Hurry” she would say “we need to catch that ghost.”

So in honor of my dear sweet friend….I said my goodbyes with the dandelion flower.

walking with dandy

I hiked up to the falls with a backpack full of dandys.

FullSizeRender (2)

Once at the falls, I sailed each flower out into the winds of the powerful falls…sending the spirit of my friend out into the magnificent universe.

saying goodbye waterfall

Sail on dear sweet friend.  You will be greatly missed…but may your spirit soarrrrr.

Several days later on my morning hike, I saw dandelion seeds everywhere blowing in the wind.  I could only smile and was reminded of Jody’s beautiful spirit all around me.