A Berry-and-House-Foraged Bouquet

Yesterday, while strolling down a neighborhood street, I was struck by the abundance of Ligustrum berries blooming all over the hood.  I was so drawn into their delicate shape and blue-black color that I collected a few branches and strolled on home.

I knew I wanted to make an arrangement, but I had no clear vision.  Maybe just a berry bouquet? or a berry wreath?  But since I was short on time, I just filled up my perfectly sized crystal vase.  Seriously, if you want only one vase in your house, this is the one!  Something footed raises up the arrangement and gives height and the weight of the glass is heavy so nothing tips and best part….it can go through the dishwasher!   Love it! And love that it came from Mama Sneed!

So I inserted the berry branches into the vase and then shopped the house for additional flowers.

House Shopping Score #1.  Red Roses.  I had a few roses prettying up the house. So I pulled a few and added them to the Berry Vase Delight.

House Shopping Score #2: Stargazer Lilies.  Last week my dear ol’ dad was visiting us down here in Austin and I had purchased a few fragrant lilies for his room. Sadly, he traveled back home a few days ago….but the lilies remained.  Out of their Anthropologie vase and into the Berry Delight they went.

House Shopping Score #3: Single pink rose. I pulled a single light pink rose from my table centerpiece, and added it to the berry delight.

Looks stunning next to the blue-black berries.  Gives it a vintage feel, don’t you think?

May you be inspired to see the beautiful bits of nature all around you and enjoy them fully.