Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table With Flowers

Coffee table decorating with what you have is inexpensive, easy and exciting.
pink coffee table

Step One:  Start With a Tray

  • Establishes order
  • Style of Tray sets tone for table
  • Anchors Composition

 coffee table flowers 6

Step Two: Stack Up Books

  • Chooses titles of significance to you and reflect your interest
  • Hardcover
  • Grouped in piles with spines lined up
  • Top the stack with decorative object

 coffee table flowers 5

Step 3: Vary the height

  • Mix high with low
  • Balance the square-ness of the books and tray with taller items such as vase or candlestick

coffee table flowers3

Step 4: Layer on the accessories

  • Let your style shine with few well-edited knickknacks.
  • Be mindful of guests
    • include coasters for drinks
    • nuts for snacking
    • candles for scent

 coffeetable flowers9

Step 5: Finish off with Fresh Flowers!

  • Breathe life into your tabletop with fresh flowers
    • Use Flowers or Foliage
    • Use the rooms accent colors in floral selection
    • Use interesting containers

coffee table flowers 4

Simple coffee table decorations and centerpieces is a quick way to change the mood in your living room.  So go get decorating! Shop the house for a tray, books, and accessories…then top it off with flowers and foliage for you and your guests to enjoy!

And if you need a little more flower-power inspiration…please visit my 30 days of Decorating with Flowers Series to learn to all about adding flowers to every room in the house!

Because life is just more beautiful with flowers.

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