This beauty was inspired by the color of egglant.  So once again, I combined veggies and florals into one bountiful arrangement.



Here is my Recipe –
Purple Kale
Beet Leaves
Ornamental Kale

Chinese Eggplant

Burgandy Lilies
Pink Stock
Hot Pink Garden Roses

I made the arrangement in my grandmother’s sterling water pitcher.  Heirloom pieces give such a timeless quality to your arrangements.


In order to create a stem for the veggies, I inserted a floral pick into them. The eggplant kept slipping out, so I used a chopstock for him.


The colors of this baby and the antique vase begged to be seen on a red velvet tablecloth.   So I gave it a try. (But notice…that lone eggplant jumped out of the arrangement again!)

But really…it looks just as lovely on my rustic farm table. Love the combo of the old weathered wood with the smooth sterling vase, and the earthiness of the veggies with the delicate beauty of the flowers.IMG_2191And looks lovely on my outdoor bistro table too.  The ivy covered cedar fence background compliments it’s style well.  Almost makes me feel like I live in southern France. Bonjour!

Thank you mother nature of such beautiful combinations. You inspire me!