Just a few small flowers and/or embellishments on your dresser can bring renewed life to an old dresser..


hollywood dresser with flowers

As you may remember, I painted this dresser a few weeks ago.  (You can read all about how that whole blue paint thang happened to me here.)  This is a photograph shortly after it was painted.

new blue dresser

Here is how it has been looking lately.   I added two modern looking lamps (yep…cuz I LOVE mixing old with new), and embellished with my rabbit vase and a footed bowl to catch any misc items.  Bowl made by the talented local artist, Tracy Hudson.


Then just to add a bit of color, I added a crocheted apple made by my sweet daughter.

IMG_2261 And now to bring the dresser to life, I added a few fresh flowers displayed ever so nicely in my old test tube lab kit.



Here is a night shot…so lamps are turned on, and I tried a different vase.


I love this room because of it’s vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows. And now with my updated dresser embellishments, you can see how the golds, blues and pinks are all working together in the room.


So I encourage you to take a look at your room, pinpoint a few of your favorite colors and purchase flowers in those colors. Then display them on your dresser and enjoy EVERYTHING about them for the week.  Fresh flowers bring us into the present moment.  They make you STOP and take a moment to appreciate all that is beautiful right before your very eyes.

Let me know how it goes.  Enjoy!