I received this beautiful crystal vase from Mama Sneed for Easter, so I filled it with flowers from my garden this morning.
Some of you may know about the crazy little fixer-upper house that we purchased in Austin a few years ago.  After cleaning up the yard, we noticed a small rose bush tucked next to the fence that had been neglected for years.  I cut it down and forgot all about it, until that spring…then yow-zah…it put out the most amazing flowers I’ve ever seen. Huge blooms with a big bountiful scent.  Just one single flower could permeate a whole room.   Now, years later, it still puts out show stopping blooms. And is blooming crazy right now, so I trimmed a few for this arrangement, as well as a few other blooms from the yard and put together this beauty.

This week I challenge you to stop and smell the roses. Go outside. Look around.  Take some clippings from your yard…branches, florals, greens, and bring the luscious beauty of spring into your home. Let them be a reminder of the power of now…and feel gratitude for your life’s bounty.
Flowers from my garden

And of course we colored some eggs this morn….so lots of spring colors gracing the house today.