The mission of Flowers For The People is to encourage you to elevate your space with flowers (and sometimes furniture).  Because elevating your space…elevates YOU.

So one simple way to style up your space is with succulents.  Growing succulent plants in a container garden is easy and wonderfully satisfying. Succulent plants come in an amazing array of colors and leaf textures and combining them is fun and interesting.


Because the roots of succulent plants are relatively shallow, a bowl or dish can look great. Plus, they look stunning planted alone or as companions.

Last week, a few of my ACC floral students and I went on a “field trip” to visit the Succulent Bar, which is housed inside of Austin’s Revival store. Revival is a unique vintage playground styled to bring tons of inspiration by mixing old with new….which pretty much makes it my dream store.  And to top it off, they offer succulent gardening classes taught by Master Gardener, Shari Bauer.  Oh yes…dream store!


Shari is a super delightful person and a wonderful teacher. She taught us how easy succulents are to use, and how they are perfect companion plants for interesting and vintage containers.

succulent class

She showed us the endless options available for succulent growing. Birdcages, vintage dog bowls, purses,  tea cups, seashells…just about anything.

For my garden, I used this very interesting sterling container (which I purchased at Revivial).  Shari suggested I hang it and put candles in it to make a succulent chandelier.  I LOVED the idea, but I also knew this little piece would fit perfectly in my Reading Corner.  So she helped me select some small little plants to fit into the candle holders.

IMG_2593succulents in reading corner

I also fitted my old terra cotta pig with succulents while there.  This pig came with my crazy old house.  He has been sitting around here for years, so brought him with me to the Succulent Workshop.  Shari helped me select a nice mix of plants that would grow both up, out and over.  He has a whole new look now.

succulent pig


IMG_2611After attending the Succulent Workshop, I felt compelled to redo my front porch succulent garden.   It was beginning to poop out, so I dumped it out, trimmed up the succulents that could be replanted and planted a few new ones.  Looks clean and fresh. A bit modern and vintage…my favorite combination.

IMG_2628succulent garden

Are you feeling inspired yet?  I hope so, but just in case you need a little more info/inspiration, here is a great video on how to plant a succulent garden.  Have fun!