Say Happy Birthday with a Flower Cake

I had a birthday last week, but sadly I can’t have delicious sugar and yummy gluten laden birthday cake while on my very restrictive Auto Immune Protocol diet…so I made a flower cake.  Almost looks as delicious as the real thing!


I used burgundy cushion poms for the base of the “cake”…thought it might give it a chocolaty look.  And then covered the top with seeded Eucalyptus, Roses and Gerber Daisies. I purchased the flowers from my local grocery store for $16.00.

I placed the flower cake on my beloved jadeite cake plate stand. …which funny enough I received as a bday gift last year from my family.  IMG_3316

And then it was time to celebrate!

birthday pics

My sweet little family made me feel all special.  (Do you think the burgundy poms look like chocolate in this evening lighting?)

And as an extra wonderful gift…my dear ol’ dad came to town to celebrate with us.

Birthday’s are great reminders of all the many gifts in your life.   So rather than focus on the things you can’t have (sweets, wheat and booze for me right now), focus on all you do have (love, family and flowers) and then celebrate with all your heart.


And may all your birthday wishes come true!