flower saladA Flower Salad made of Purple Kale, Rosemary, Pepperberry, Pomegranate, Apple and Rose. Served up a few different ways. Which one do you like best?

Exhibit A: Whole Pomegranate & Grape Delight

Exhibit B:  Pomegranate, Apple and Roses Oh My!

Exhibit C: Fruit-Flower-Cluster-Power

Exhibit D: Green Apple Lonestar 

Exhibit E: Pinky Tuscadero

I liked this one best. The pink roses added a soft velvet texture and picked up some of the pink hues in the pepperberries.  I also liked the grouping of the tea roses with the fruits snuggled in close.

I tried taking a few pics of the Flower Salad in the house, but the lighting was a bit too dark…so was only able to capture  these two shots.

flower salad

flower salad in the house

See the pink roses in the deer head vase on the flower shelf?  Yep. Me too. Seeing them near the Flower Salad gave me the inspiration to add them in…and must say….they were exactly what was needed.

flower salad

May I present a delish Flower Salad just for you.  Enjoy your week!