Using Unusual Vessels When Decorating With Flowers

One of the easiest ways to add interest to your floral designs is to use unique vessels.


I LOVE this deer head vase from Anthropologie.  It only takes a few stems of flowers to make a big impact.  And it works great anywhere I put it.


This unusual jug vase came from World Market.  It also just takes a few stems of flowers to look great.  I often use this vase on my coffee table or my console table.


This milk glass head vase is just a delight.  It always makes me smile to see blooms popping out of the top of the head.  Here it is displayed in the reading corner. 


Love using this family heirloom sterling silver pitcher vase because it adds a piece of history to my arrangements.  Here I used it to make this eggplant arrangement.  I love the combo of the earthy veggies with the elegance of the old world vase.


This little beauty of a vase is just about the perfect bud vase.  It is a handmade piece that was gifted to me by one of my best friends…which makes me love it all the more.  I love using this little vase in small intimate places such as the bedroom dresser or in the bathroom.  And it displays roses beautifully.


Using old fashioned lab equipment is easy and fun.  The vessel alone is super interesting…and it just takes a few stems to bring it to life.  You can see more here on how I used it to embellish a dresser.  And also makes a great vessel on my work table.


This interesting vintage candelabra makes for a great little vessel.  You can read more about adding succulents your home here.

So I think you get the picture here….Unusual vessels are key when decorating with flowers.  So take a look around the house and see what interesting containers you can find.  Fill them with water, add a few stems and wha-lah, you have yourself a lovely piece to display.

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