Flowers in The Music Nook

We have a small corner in our home that houses our piano.   I call it the music nook.  One day, I hope to hang our guitars and banjo above the piano so it will really be the music nook….and not just the piano corner.



But until then, I have my favorite painting hanging above the piano.  This painting was given to us by a close family friend.  There is quite a story about how this friend obtained the painting, and there is an uncanny resemblance to us in the painting, so needless to say…I pretty much love it.

IMG_2466The colors of the painting have also inspired the color choices of my home over the years.  And now that the painting is in the music nook, I feel inspired to play around with my floral color palette to coordinate with the painting.




Just a  few days ago, I added a fresh arrangement to the Music Nook.  I used more yellows in the floral arrangement to pick up the golds in the painting.  When I’m selecting flowers for the house, I keep the painting’s color palette in my mind.  So sometimes I get it get it very right…sometimes not.  I think I did a pretty good match on this one, except if those lilies were deep orange rather than bright yellow I may have gotten a perfect match.

piano flowers


So don’t forget to adorn the music area of your home, because a creative space needs some creative fuel.

31 days 250x250

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