Flowers on The Kitchen Window Sill

A kitchen window sill full of flowers is one delicious sight.

Yes, we would all love to have a bountiful basket of fresh herbs in the window. But some kitchens don’t have enough sill space for good florals. So hanging shelves or hanging jars is a fantastic alternative to create more growing/display space.

Here is one of my kitchen window sills.  It’s in my pantry.  It is a great herb growing spot because it gets great afternoon sun.



A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen.  This little pantry space was the old back hall, so we converted it into a pantry.  I requested putting this window here (even though everyone thought I was nuts because who had a window in their pantry?).  In fact, I wanted a HUGE window with shelves running across like those photos above.  But since I live in Austin…I had to come to my senses that a “sunroom” style pantry isn’t an ideal place to store food.  So I settled on this one little window. But I must say, I love it (and funny enough, so does everyone else). It brings in great light and I have live plants in my pantry year round! You can read all about the kitchen remodel here.

So go fill up those sills and let the power of the flowers radiate you and your kitchen.

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