Flowers on the Console Table

The console table is a narrow table often found near your entry way, behind a sofa, or in the dining area.

In my house, the console table serves multiple purposes.  It is near the front door, so it catches keys and mail.  It also is in the dining nook, so it catches overflow items from the table…cell phones, paper, pencils, etc. And, when we have a party…it becomes a buffet/beverage bar.   With all this action, there isn’t much room for flowers….but flowers are a MUST in such a hard working and visual space.  So I created it’s very own flower shelf.


flower shelf 3

I experiment with different vessels on the shelf depending on the types of flowers I use.  The lab specimens pictured above came from my yard.

When I don’t have freshies in the house, I often will used branches or dried floral items in an interesting vessel…like my deer head pictured below.


The other reason I LOVE having a flower shelf here as it adds dimension to the wall. When I just had the mirror and some art work, the wall felt flat. Now it moves out to towards the room a bit. And since I just use it only for florals, I’m inspired to change it around depending on the season and the florals available.

(And just in case you are wondering…that lamp is named Lisette.  Yes, she came with her name.  Yes, she is decorated for Halloween, thanks to my daughter.  And yes, she is a conversation piece. She was purchased at a fundraiser in Colorado….I had to do my part to help the cause.) 

So if there is one simple thing you can do in your house to decorate with flowers – get yourself a flower shelf. It will inspire you.


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