Coffee Table Flowers

The Coffee Table is one of my favorite locations to add fresh flowers because they are enjoyed by all who gather in this room. The fresh blooms often become the focal point of the room, and bring life and energy into the room.


Two guidelines to keep in mind when designing for the coffee table are color and shape.

Color: It helps to use blooms or containers that accentuate or complement the colors of the room

Shape: Coffee table arrangements can be seen from all sides, so the design should be all sided.  However, don’t let this intimidate you.  Just a simple vase of all the same type of  flower can do the trick.

Here are a few great examples:

coffee table colors

Look at how great  just a simple glass vase of  bright green branches really brings a wow factor to this space.
pink blue coffee table
Look at how that blue vase pulls the blues from the room and a complementary color of pink hydrangeas coordinate the space.
pink coffee table
This photo shows the use of pink to pick up the accent colors of the room. Very elegant.

So after these beautifully styled professional photos…sort of embarrassing to show you my table but that is the point.  Even regular people can elevate their rooms with flowers.

So here is my coffee table with a few greens on them.  This photo also happens to be one of my first blog posts about coffee table comforts. My house is primarily white, so almost anything works in this room, but you sure can’t go wrong with green….and that little succulent garden became quite a conversation piece when guests came over.

I made this arrangement by using all flowers from my garden. Those heirloom roses were so fragrant that the whole house was filled with the most delicious smell.   Although this was  bit large for the table, it was a show stopper when guests walked in the door.

This was an arrangement I made for my music nook. I selected flower colors that matched a painting that hangs above the piano. However, I moved it over to the coffee table to see if I like it there.  The size is just right, but the colors worked better near the piano painting (which I will blog about later this month).

So now it’s your turn.  Take a look at your coffee table and the colors of your room, and pick up a bunch of complementary flowers to enjoy for the week.

And if you need just a little more coffee table styling inspiration….here’s a bit more info for you.

Coffee Table Formula:

1. Something Tall
Hurricane vases or candlesticks are great because when you light candles, they add sparkle and make everything festive.

2. One Oddball Object
Choose something that’s sculptural and quirky to express your personality. Some ideas: a piece of coral, a glass orb, or a small ginger jar.

3. Something Fresh
A nice pot of ivy, a fern, or some fresh-cut flowers add life and easy-to-change color to the room.

4. A Stack of Books
Use a few large, pretty art books to make a stack, and top it off with something decorative.

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