How to Make A Square Shaped Floral Arrangement

Yesterday’s post was about dining table flowers…so only fitting that we look at how to make dining table arrangements today.

Square shaped arrangements work great on dining tables because they are low….which helps people see and converse across the table.

It’s easy to make a square arrangement, you just need to use a square container.  This arrangement was made using a square food storage container.


And it was made for less than $10.00.  I used greens snipped from my yard, about 12 stems of flowers purchased at my local grocery store and a ceramic container from my kitchen cabinet.

ikea container

Here is the container. It is from Ikea. It measures 5″x 5″x 5″


Next, I added a few stems of shrubbery greens that I snipped from the yard.  Since the container is so wide, several stems were needed to fill the container.  A healthy foundation of greens creates a a strong underwater architecture, which is needed to hold the flower stems in place.


Next I inserted a few roses and alstromeria around the arrangement.  Since it is to be displayed on a dining table, flowers were placed all four sides.


Lastly, to add some texture and movement to the arrangement, I added some white veronica flowers.  Yep. It’s that simple.  So give it a try and add some flower power to your dining table for less than the cost of a bottle of wine.

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