Flower Arrangements From The Garden

Since we have been looking at the decorating your outside space with flowers, let’s explore some flower arrangements from the garden.  Selecting florals from your yard or garden is a great way to bring the beauty of nature inside your home.


This arrangement was made from items gathered from a Texas Garden.  Olive branches, ornamental kale and ranunculus. You can read more here on how I made this Texas Garden Arrangement.EvergreenTulipsCones.jpgThis arrangement was made from items you would find in a spring Colorado garden. Evergreens, tulips and pinecones. More here on how to make this Winter Garden Arrangement.20140420-145004.jpg

These flowers all came out of my garden.  Roses, poppies and bluebells. More here on this Flowers From the Garden Arrangement.IMG_2240
This garden flower arrangement is made using eggplant, purple kale and rutabagas. You can read more here on how to Make an Eggplant Floral Arrangement.

Your turn. Now go outside, gather a bit of nature’s bounty and bring the outdoors in.  Enjoy!

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