Flower Fruit Portraits

When decorating with flowers, I occasionally mix fruit and florals together in an arrangement, but did you ever think you could make a floral portrait?

Well you can. Look at these amazing floral-fruit-veggie portraits made by Klaus Enrique Gerdes.


Klaus Enrique Gerdes, a New York City photographer, created a series of original portraits made exclusively from vegetables, fruits and flowers. The idea for his organic portraits first came to him while working with leaves. ”While I was photographing a human eye that was peeking out amongst hundreds of leaves, it occurred to me that I could actually utilize leaves to construct portraits or masks.” It just evolved from there and he started using fruits, vegetables and flowers.




If these pictures inspire you to try a floral portrait but they are much to overwhelming to attempt, check out these floral faces by Justina Blakely.

Still feeling overwhelmed?  Well then go grab some dandelions from your yard and make a a happy face.  And she will smile back at you as a reminder of your creative potential.  Go for it!


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