I stayed up wayyyyy too late surfing the internet and reading posts from some of my favorite bloggers.  But it does my heart good to read about those who repaint a room several times because the color just wasn’t right, or upcycle pieces of furniture and then rearrange the whole house just to make the “new” piece work, or use unusual household items to create artistic spaces.   Ahhh….so good to know that I’m not alone.  I’ve been there.  And when creative urges take over…I get lost in them.  No dishes get done, the laundry piles up, and my project has most likely taken over the whole house.  But I love it.  I love the power of the project.  I love styling my own house, decorating with florals, reworking my spaces and changing up the furniture.   Rearrange it, paint it , slipcover it.  Then style it up, add fresh flowers, and sit back and say “yes…that looks perfect” (for now anyway).
Therefore, it only seems fitting to begin blogging more about me and my house.  My furniture and my flowers.  And the magnificent power of creative urges.  May they inspire you too.Lori_florallab125-(ZF-8285-00831-1-125)

Here is my slipcovered couch.  Did I mention I purchased it an estate save YEARS ago.  It’s from 1915.  Stuffed with horse hair.  I upholstered it with a creamy fabric…which only got dingy looking.  So I had it slipcovered with a natural looking unbleached denim.  Curtains are from Anthropologie.   Large jug vase from World Market.  And see that book on the coffee table…Bringing Nature Home.  Talk about beautiful floral styling in the home.  A lovely inspirational book.

florals in sitting nook.jpg

Here I snazzed up the reading corner with this lovely vase arrangement.  All the florals came from my garden.  I had this green chair in the bedroom, but it was time for a change, so brought it out to the living room. Looks inviting, doesn’t it.

bed with anthropologie tablecloth.jpg

So since I moved the green chair into the living room…time to work with a new color in the bedroom.  I used this beautiful linen tablecloth (from the Super Sale room in Anthropologie) as a bed spread. Adds a nice pop of color.


The only problem is…now I don’t like that green dresser in there with the red tablecloth-bedspread.  Hum.  Needs a white dresser.  No problem.  I’m currently in the process of painting one white.  So will need to do some rearranging soon.  Will keep you posted!