I did a few vase arrangements for a school commencement ceremony this weekend.  They were large, lush and romantically wild. Although these photos do not capture their grand presence, I wanted to share them anyway as  a reminder of the power of new beginnings.  Commencing signifies the finishing of one big event and moving onto the next big adventure.  An ending and a beginning. A closing and an opening. Certain and Uncertain. Excitement and Fear. Romantic and Wild.
So in honor of commencements, I encourage you to bring some daring florals into your home this week.  Something you normally wouldn’t buy but intrigues you. Even if it is just a single flower.  Think of it as jumping out on a limb, doing something daring, stepping into a whole new adventure….and let them be a reminder of the power of new beginnings.

commencement florals 3


20140603-091535-33335323.jpg 20140603-091536-33336977.jpg